Funny how in my last "about" page I wrote about me. Now it's the "about us" page. How times change :).
So what is supposed to be on one's about page? I don't know, but here's a quick inside look at who we are.

With this marriage concept on deck, let's start with our latest events...

Jaimie and I took that next step after marriage - buying a house! (no - not kids, is that the next step?). We once again packed up and embarked on a trip from our tiny 580 square foot apt and spread it all out over a gorgeous home in Colorado Springs, CO. <-- Our new home! :)
We are loving home ownership, but have discovered the joys of gardening, decorating, etc, all at 7300 feet! (yep, that's almost 1.5 miles up!).

How about a map of where we have been to start?

What have we been doing you ask: Always on the move, we've been traveling here and there, for fun, vacation, and of course weddings! As our older friends/family like to reminisce, we're in that "all my friends are getting married" age and have been non-stop flying to enjoy and be a part of our friends & families' perfect days. Interestingly, out of the 20 some weddings (including our own!), we attended our first non-flight requiring wedding just the other week. Funny how moving across the country will do that to you :).

Recent Spottings: We were recently spotted in Vegas taking in the 107 degree rays at the Mandalay Bay Resort (highly recommended :)!). We took a trip late last year to Australia. Down under, we visited some other Ciabarra's in Melbourne, scuba dived off of the Great Barrier Reef, and enjoyed the magnificent views of Sydney Harbour and Opera House. Mid 2002, we spent a fantastic week in Scotland, again driving on the wrong side of the road, touring the beautiful country (as well as attending Jaimie's cousin's wedding :)..

That day: November 3rd, 2001 - I became we, and so began the fateful trip of Jaimie's quest to explain to travel agents, Dept of Transportation, etc, how to spell Ciabarra (you obviously know it, since you're at so it can't be that bad!! :) ha.

Now that we worked back to how the I's became we, here's a bit more about the I's.

About Mario

Originally from Philadelphia, in the wake of 5 other siblings, I grew up in a "busy" household to say the least :). At an early age, I became accustomed to a large amount of freedom, which, after a few years of learning :), led into independance, and in turn responsbility. Having older siblings to impress, and some to compete with, I quickly became an entrepenuer. Selling anything from candy to T-Shirts, I learned the value of a dollar, as well as it's lack of value compared with the rest of what life has to offer (one of life's lessons that unfortunately a lot of people still have to learn). With my first "legalized" business at age 17, the "American Dieting Association", I set out on a quest to find that one great idea (still working on it :). From ADA, to Deez Teez selling shirts to Penn State organizations and colleges, to, and now DStream Consulting, I am determined on finding a bright idea that I enjoy doing. I hope to harness all of those efforts in the upcoming years and give them back in the form of teaching (technology with a business flavor :). I look forward to starting graduate work in Computer Science in the coming months....

Enough about my career goals though, I'm a happy man made that way by the relentess work of many, and the focus of one. Jaimie and I have only been married a short time, but look forward to years together with our families and friends (so whose moving to Colorado, right? :) .

So want to hear the interesting story of our engagement? Check it out here Lengthy Engagement Story (girls only)

About Jaimie

Although Jaimie is a high-tech consultant, she's far from being a geek (can't say much for Mario though ;) She recently has left Deloitte Consulting to become an independant consultant working for Deloitte Consulting (wait a minute!?) :) . Although not a geek, she does have all those Penn State Computer Science majors who took CSE 120 in 1997 wish they sat next to her (I was that lucky one - it must have been the seating arrangements) :).

She'd fill in more here, but she's too busy at work! :) Goto Work!