So you wanna know about Colorado, eh? :) First and foremost in Colorado are the Rockies!. Vail, Breckenridge and more are waiting just around the corner this fall for some real skiers to come out and visit with us! (We've heard the Rockies are better the Tahoe - so we are very excited!)

From the rockies comes a smooth Coors Light - Don't can't forget that visit to the coors Brewery for some free beers! (ah, if we only went to College in Boulder :) haha.

In "the Springs", there are loads of outdoor sites. From Pikes Peak, one of the "14ers" (mountains with peaks over 14,000 ft), to Garden of the Gods, the outdoors never gets old with plenty of all-day hikes available.for those who are up for the challenge!

Here's a brief list of what were looking at doing:

  • Ski, Ski, Ski!
  • Hike Pikes Peak
  • Hike around Garden of the Gods
  • Find someone that will climb Garden of the Gods with me! :) (Jaimie's a "no" on climbing :)

    Above: Seven Falls at night     Right: Garden of the Gods

    Here's a brief list of what we've done so far

  • Colorado Rockies Game
  • Coors Factory Tour
  • Peroused the Garden of the Gods
  • Hiked 1/10000th of Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Biked our 410 acre park that's in our back yard! (well, we didn't bike all 410 acres, and it's a 1/4 mile away.. not exactly our backyard but close enough :)