The Engagement Story!

Of course it had to be different. Jaimie and I were celebrating our 2 year anniversary. I came home early friday to set everything up for the big show down (although Jaimie was under the impression I was coming home on a very late flight). So when Jaimie came home to find me prepared with dinner, she was a bit surprised, especially as I was acting very weird ( for obvious reasons). Turns out she was acting wierd too (did she know??), but it turns out it was because she had a little surprise of her own! She sent me on a little treasure hunt for my gift which turned out to be my lost "skeels" ring. Ironically (the reason why she was acting weird), she had put 2 diamonds on the side of the ring and "sort-of" proposed to ME.. (which I got a laugh out of, since little did she know what her gift was).

Anyways, time for her gift.. The box was huge which confused her. She teared off the wrapping paper to discover a ladder:The Ladder.

I had made it in my apt in Seattle (there is saw dust everywhere to prove it). As I am not a craftsman by any means, she was very confused as to why she was receiving a ladder for our anniversary?? I told her "Ladders take you places.. where would you want your ladder to take you? " She figured out that outside on our balcony would be a good spot.. She reluctantly climbed up the ladder and took up a look on the roof to find a tale with a heart and two roses (2 years )..


Anyways.. she climbed up onto the roof and i followed with a bottle of the finest and two flutes.. it was very $ - with a 200 degree view of the ocean as the sun set - (awe). Anyways.. yada yada yada.. and the ring:

The Ring.